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March 5th, 2014, 03:12
3D on a planet, 3D in space. Like in the video, but over the shoulder as a character. Same POV in space but only seeing your ship, not your character.

Planets are wide open. As we mention in the Kickstarter writeup, we're stylizing them so that they are smaller so that we can actually build the entire surface and make explorable. No doubt there'll end up begin some natural pathing, just like you would encounter if you were walking around in reality.

Battling will happen, yes. But depending on what alien guise you choose, you might be able to avoid battle. You might not want to avoid it.

I haven't read Jack Chalker. Just looked him up, and he sounds awesome.

I'm a big fan of Clifford Simak, Jack Vance, Alastair Reynolds, Robert Charles Wilson -- just finishing reading the Culture series by Ian Banks. Hated it at first, now I love it. I like a lot of classic stuff, always looking for new. Thanks for the tip on Chalkers.

The transformation thing I just got from wondering how we could take role-playing and go one better in a sci fi context. And I've always wanted to create aliens that were truly alien -- not just like bipedal reptile guys who want to capture or destroy our world or kill us. This stuff has been thoroughly explored in sf novels but not in movies or games.

Thanks for backing us! This is our first Kickstarter, our first game. We are coming at this with the purest intentions, and the crew has a lot of talent. I'm a little older than everybody else. You can google me -- Randolph Heard -- and probably see what I've been up to.
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