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March 5th, 2014, 05:24
Did you guys try playing offline?

I found the game very enjoyable like that and being an exclusively SP gamer it would be the only way I would play it anyways (not done any mmo's or multiplayer once in more than a couple of decades of gaming ). In #1 they have tried to simulate the online aspects a bit with the NPCs you can summon, that can "invade" (very predictable and easy to handle) etc. The game is probably easier and a more "streamlined" experience like that and you don't have random trolls messing with your atmosphere and overall experience.
(I also conveniently have the gaming PC offline as a matter of fact, unless I want to DL something…)

In #2 they might have less support for this style of playing, and that is a bit of a concern,
but I am still not interested in the online aspect and am not going to change my ways for it (I have to note I find the design of their online aspect intriguing. A lot of novel ideas in there. Just definitely not my thing, coop, pvp etc..I am a gaming Hermit I guess )
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