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March 5th, 2014, 13:35
That's my problem with this project also. It's a little like Kingdom Come, where the KS's main purpose was to show the investor that there's an interest in the game. But Warhorse already had an investor who would fund them for sure if the KS succeeded.

But as Strashila said, noone knows what happens to your project after a successful KS, if you won't find an investor afterwards.

I think as a newcomer studio you have to ask for $100k for a smaller, but complete game, not for $250k for a prototype. You just need to realize a smaller project first to get known. After that you'll have an easier time to get backers or investors.

Just have a look at KS history. Has there been a single successful project of an indie newcomer studio, which had a similar financial scope and as little to show at campaign start as you have?
You have some concept art, something like a cinematic trailer and ideas, of which some are great indeed. Roleplaying-aliens-in-an-RPG-inception is outstanding! But (for me) that's just not enough.
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