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March 5th, 2014, 15:12
Strashila wants to scare some crows off the field.

I've stated my opinion and didn't plan to return to this thread but for whatever reason clicked…
So Randolph. Why do I think we're looking at MMO here.

sandbox, and mission-oriented gameplay
To some grinding is fun. To some sandbox is fun. To me it's the most annoying game design ever made as it was never made properly. While a few missions, or quests, can be different, after a while they repeat and eventually turn into pure boredom. But I'm the minority who hated that part of Skyrim.
Did I say Skyrim? Yea… They've tested the endless fetch quests system in it, and after 99% of players praising that game, they moved to MMO. 99% who can forgive things. I can't.
And that's exactly what you plan to do, but without making a singleplayeronly game first. My opinion.

The game will progress from open sandbox toward a series of world events that drive you down a more linear storyline to an epic ending.
This means I'm wrong? No.
Every MMO has a story and story missions besides grinding content. Okay, not every MMO… Innogames' The West has only setting based quests, but not a major story.

Next thing, the pic:

If you check other projects, goals are usually in different order, the first one on the top, the last one on the bottom. Are they crazy or what? No. They know that what's on the top or near the top ppl tend to understand as the most important thing.
Here, on the top is what? Under the title (and titles are always completely bold).
MMO goal.


Unlike others, my only problem with this project is the MMO part. I can't be persuaded into thinking it's something that's easy to incorporate into a singleplayer game. It is easier to incorporate into a sandbox game than into a story driven RPG. But still it's not easy. And honestly, I believe all 3 millions if you get them, will go into developing only MMO part, there will be no funds left for the singleplayer part.


Finally, MOBA. If you played at least one MOBA game you know the drill.
Pick a hero, team with a few others, join a fight, kick some arse.
The hero is yucky, pick another, play more. Then another. And another. Hero.
Every single one has it's specific skillset and you can't change it by any means. And instead of unlocking skills to combine on your hero, you have to unlock heroes one by one trying to find that one who'd be exactly what you want to play with.

You on the other hand plan to have this:
HOST4 will give you the ability to physically transform your human body into that of an alien species. You will have the abilities and weaknesses particular to that species. You’ll also have an extra sense unique to them that humans do not have. And you’ll be able to use their technology.
That allows players to do what? To put on their hero those skills they want. And then team up and go enjoy 5vs5 map. To me it'd be a dream come true.
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