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March 6th, 2014, 00:33
Their kickstarter is very informative, there wasn't many questions I could think of. So I did a collection of the ones I liked from this thread, plus one of mine:

- Will fights always be of 1-4 enemies, with a formation of 2 in the front row and 2 on the back, or we might see some surprises?

- Please give some details about your progression system. How much freedom players have to customize their characters, in terms of attributes, perks and equipment?

- Can you give us an example of skills, equipment or events that you think are innovative?

- What's the intended play length? A short campaign that's easy to fail, like FTL, or a long descent into madness that few players will ever see the end, like more traditional roguelikes?

- Finally, name your top 3 CRPGs. You WILL be judged.
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