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March 6th, 2014, 07:02
When I played EQ1, it was to play with the best. Period. Everything was contested, only the top raiders saw the best items, and that's how it should be, imo. Heck, we killed contested mobs not because we needed them but to prevent others from getting into what we considered our zone! To this day I still get /tells and emails about killing the Sleeper in EQ1, and that will most likely stay the highlight of my mmo experience.

In EQ2, I play more for friends and being with a more set group of people. The days of everything being contested are long gone…..any game that tried that now would not survive, I don't think, and in some ways that's a real shame. Then again, I don't miss those contested calls at 3 am, either. =p. Now, everyone gets their own raid instance, they can progress at their own speed/ability, and I guess that's just how the future will be. I will say though that, hands down, I had way more fun in the end with EQ1 back in the day.
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