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March 6th, 2014, 11:59
RPG Slayer has posted a new article forElder Scrolls Online, and calls the game a Bethesda fanís greatest fear. It's not as bad as it sounds so read on.

Iíve been a fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise since way, way back. Iím talking Morrowind here, with its chunky, square characters, its rigid, stiff voice acting and its curiously loveable charm. And Oblivion Ė donít get me started on Oblivion Ė that game took countless hours of my life, completing every guild, every mission, I even quested to find every location Ė I easily spent a yearís worth of gaming in Cyrodil. Not that I would have spent it anywhere else, I mean, what else would I do, socialise?

As of Skyrim, my loyalty to the Elder Scrolls only grows stronger, and I trust Bethesda to keep strong their brilliance in their range of RPG gaming. But, as of 2014 my fidelity to the franchise is wavering, as I remain uncertain and wary of the upcoming hit, The Elder Scrolls Online.
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