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March 6th, 2014, 13:29
Lol, he calls himself ES fan from way back, and it's "since Morrowind"? Trololol. I ordered Arena here to Germany when there existed no internet! THAT is way back!

Strangely, my number one gripe about ESO is not that it is not enough like ES the single player RPG, my biggest gripe is the other way around: that is tries too much to be like a single player RPG and too LESS a normal MMO! I mean, otherwise, what's the frigging POINT of a MMO?? I think it would have been much better just to say, square and fair: Look guys, we make a NORMAL MMORPG, only set in Tamriel. We are NOT trying to make Skyrim with something something multi.

So now the pissed off BOTH ES and MMO fans.
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