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March 6th, 2014, 17:46
I toldya a few times I don't watch youtube gameplay vids, reviews and previews.
And you continued linking those stuff. So I watched a few channels.

I'm sure everyone at least heard about TotalBiscuit. I admit, I enjoyed his two vids, couldn't believe myself how inspiring those vids felt:

Also, some said AngryJoe is good, and I say not only he's good, he's hilarious and fantastic! This is a mustsee vid:

Didn't stop there. I wanted to see how does a full gameplay vid work. OfficialNerdCubed made one for a certain game that is IMO better than the game itself (not saying the game is not good - it actually is):

Just so you know, you fed the troll. Risen 3 returning to the roots forum, I'm coming back soon.
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