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March 6th, 2014, 20:04
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
You can play rogue it's just not as easy, tried in book 2 and beaten it slower than warrior or mage but it was doable with some build tweaks(adding alchemy or divination so you can consistently buff yourself for example).Harder than most other classes yes but never super-hardcore as review describes it, and once you hit point where you can afford some good items and where hp regenerats faster on rest game becomes easier.

He also should have tried other classes and builds, it doesn't look like he finished so he did review with very little time spent with game and that is just wrong.
You played rogue *first*, with maximum challenges, and you finished the game, and didn't even consider it too difficult? I'm impressed.

If not, your argument is kinda pointless. Sure, it's much easier to play through the game as a rogue, if you have first finished it with an easier class. But reviewers can't really play the game through multiple times, with different classes. A game *should* be balanced. If it has shitty balancing, then it's a flaw in the game. Shitty balancing is not a flaw in the reviewer.
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