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March 7th, 2014, 01:31
Damn, I forgot all about this! Well, here's something I hashed together quickly, just in case there's still time to squeeze in a few questions. Here goes:

- How long will the individual dungeons be, i.e. how long would it take to clear a dungeon (approximately)? An hour, two? (Not counting the last, Darkest Dungeon.)

- If we leave (read: flee) a dungeon before clearing it completely, can we return to it again and do we keep our progress or will dungeons always reset after you leave them (and, in effect, get generated again from the scratch)?

- As asked above, more info on the character skills and progression would be appreciated. IIRC, you said characters don't necessarily gain XP in the dungeons, but they gain Resolve(?), which is the measure of their "advancement" and allows them to withstand greater horrors (and thus brave more difficult dungeons). But how will the characters advance in skills/abilities? Will they only be tied by money, i.e. you buy skill advances, plain and simple. Or will there be other requisites or limitations?

- In addition, on the UI there's room for only 4 active skills/abilities per character (the 5th slot taken by the 'change position' command), will there be more skills available per character than that? I understand there will be different skills for combat and camping, but will we have more than 4 combat skills and more than 4 camping skills per character class, thus making us choose which skills to use and which to leave unslotted?

- How much variety will there be with regards to equippable gear? Not meaning full Diablo-like item bonanza, but I'm hoping to have a some variety of equipment to loot and buy. Also, will most of the equipment be class restricted (I suspect only Highwaymen can use pistols, for example)? How much of the "good stuff" will we have only as loot from the dungeons or can we get proper gear from vendors in the hamlet too?

(Here's hoping Couch didn't send the questions already. He said we had time until Friday, it's not Friday yet in the States so surely I made it in time. Pretty please!)
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