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March 7th, 2014, 01:31
I don't believe the author is here, is he? We're discussing his review.

I tend to agree with his assessment about a straight rogue being extremely difficult. Try taking pierced weapons, skullduggery, lockpicks, and cartography as your first skills, with hardcore rules. You'll be crying if its your first playthrough of any of the games in the series. Especially if you decide to try some challenges and pick alchemist and the true thief. Okay, now you can never be caught stealing, never bash open or spell blast any container, can't buy potions but only make them from ingredients, etc. That type of game will beat most everyone who doesn't know the system very well indeed. Pierced weapons are daggers only for most of the game and they do two damage. If you assume that dexterity is the primary stat for a rogue and don't invest enough in strength and endurance, you're toast.

However, I also agree with everyone who says if he would have tried a handful of builds for a couple levels, he would have found much easier ways to play the game. I will almost always play a mage. If playing a mage sucks, I'll ditch a game rather than play a class I don't prefer. Maybe this guy likes the traditional rogue.
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