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March 7th, 2014, 04:00
I played the beta and the game seems a lot like Skyrim to me. I was not a big fan of Skyrim. I refuse to pay money for games with console interfaces. If the inventory is a list I will never pay a sent for that product. If you are a console fan or fan of other uncivilized and inferior devices then I guess you are used to subpar savage-monkey GUIs, but I have been pampered by the lush decadence of civilized cprg GUIs since the 80s. I received a survey after last weekend’s beta and I guess my reply to the survey sums up my thoughts best-

"The one absolute game breaker for me was the console interface. There were better PC inventory interfaces in 1987 when I got my first PC. This is the same reason I did not spend money on Skyrim. I play on the PC which is a civilized system and requires a civilized interface. I am not some monkey savage who likes looking at a list of loot. In civilized PC games, especially crpgs, there have been significant leaps and bounds in regards to GUI and inventory/interface since Dragon Warrior 1 on the NES.

The second, less minor issue is I hate, and have always hated, games that have ridiculous loot systems. Why are there endless vases, little wicker baskets, and chests chock full o’ gold, herbs, crafting inputs, and other sundry items littering almost every square foot of the game? It is completely unrealistic and ridiculous. I know some people love the endless hordes of lootable items but the little I played of this game just brought it to a whole new level. One of the things I love most about mmorpgs is I can’t cheat and I don’t have to waste my time destroying barrels or looting a bunch of nonsense (other than in DDO, but DDO is kids play compared to ESO in the lootable category).

I also love character development and this game looks like it has some interesting options. I would also like to play a FPS mmorpg, but without a modern, civilized PC interface it is a deal breaker. And my obsessive compulsive need to loot everything I can would eventually cause me to have an epileptic seizure due to the tremendous overabundance of lootables I’ve seen in this game. It’s just too much too handle."

I can easily recommend this game to Skyrim fans who want to play the game on the console. Or people who would have loved Skyrim had it had a better chardev system. I wish the team luck but this game is not for me. I take showers, I eat cooked meat bought from a grocery, and dress in modern clothing (no grass or animal hide skirts for me). And I like my crpgs to have at least an inventory GUI equal to crpgs of the 80s.
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