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March 9th, 2014, 20:00
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
vurt I need norespawn mod for Amalur.
Assuming you'll make it, that will cost me how much?
How much more, you mean? Beyond the cost in respect from everyone that heard you ask to pay for a Trainer for an action wow clone? Why don't you just download some unlimted HP cheats and then you can ignore those mean respawns!

I never thought I'd meet someone who loves long runs back through empty areas as much as you. You know, just because you killed something in an area doesn't mean nothing can ever walk that area again.

Humor me, if you will… Which game featuring respawns started you off on this completely irrational stance against respawning monsters? I imagine when you were a new born baby you didn't give a shit then you played some game and it changed you forever? Which game?

I cant think of a single game with annoying respawns - only annoying random encounters on world maps while trying to get a half dead party back to the outpost to heal.
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