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March 9th, 2014, 20:50
I don't like respawns or random-travel encounters

I didn't enjoy Diablo, Fable or Sacred because they had respawns. When I became more familiar with the internet I discovered that the respawns were 'the whole point', to which I now understand it, but I still find it too irritating to play. I quite enjoyed Path of Exile, but in that you could at least set up a portal which held your instance clear for a while, but even in that game it annoyed me as much as it pleasured me.

In Fable it was known of a player who got themselves to 60 years old without having got past the first forest due to the level scaling…

I first encountered random-travel encounters with Temple of Elemental Evil and that annoyed me no end. The whole point of going back to base is, as you say, to rest and recuperate, the last thing you're going to 'enjoy' in such a scenario is being trolled on your way back! Then, playing other games, such as Balder's Gate 2 and Dragon Age, I found out it was a 'thing', which means I'd likely get shouted down if I bothered to moan about it.
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