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March 9th, 2014, 20:07
At some point it became just tedious to spend time to learn improve your skills in an action game. It doesn't matter the action game requires thinking beside pure action skills, the problem is the lack of motivation to train your action skills. Moreover with age reflex lower making action more difficult.

Lower the difficulty is often a false solution because it will most often degenerate into a boring action where you'll tend apply a short set of OP action tactics.

And it leads to turn based games. I still have few time real fun with some action games, but it's more and more rare.

But I think there's more than that, there's hurry players and slow players. It's not about finishing fast or not a game, it's about enjoying taking your time when you play a game. Some enjoy and some don't. The first will fit much better turn based games, the second much less well. Myself I always been a slow player enjoying taking my time in games, hence always enjoyed more turn based even when my blood was still not too grey and not too tired. :-)
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