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March 10th, 2014, 10:11
Good interview of what looks like an interesting game.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about the permadeath mechanic in games like XCOM EU, because they often don't balance it too well - deaths occur too frequently and from random crits, so that they are not preventable. That then limits the interest one can have in character development (a soap where all the heroes die in the first episode doesn't make for a good drama), since characters are only temporary, and it forces people to save scum in order to play the game as a character development RPG; and that defeats the whole object of permadeath, to add tension, in the first place.

One thing that could be done in this respect and I hope DD does is to make actual deaths less frequent and more avoidable, but to have serious injury mechanics where heroes have to spend much longer in town to recover from critical wounds. That would then result in one being able to develop and maintain interest in the character development of a larger roster of heroes. And, it looks like the affliction system is perfectly cut out to make a game like that!
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