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March 11th, 2014, 01:29
Looks like a sweet setup. My things to consider:

I run a similar setup but with a "K" version 8m cashe cpu. It'll be about $25 more for the K but the unlocked multiplier lets you do some good fine tuning on your overclock. You don't buy i5 without planning to overclock, do you?! The non-K still overclocks alright but you'll squeeze more out of it with the extra increment options an unlocked multiplier gives you.

The GTX770 is a GTX680 with slightly faster ram. I wrote up some a pretty thorough post about this the other week, but basically 600 and 700 series are all Kepler GPUs and Maxwell GPUs are just around the corner. The recently released 750ti (The first card with a Maxwell GPU) has as much guts as the 480 but uses just a tiny 60watts while the 770 uses about 200watts at full power draw. Clearly these GPUs are much more power efficient than Kepler, therefore they'll run cooler at the same power settings or the same temperate with much more power. Consider waiting a few months and seeing how the 800 series go.

Titanfalls "insane" graphics option says it needs 3gig VRAM. I can run it fine with 2gb, with fps dips down to 55ish, but it still feels better playing on "high" with solid 60. I'd consider this cos Titanfall beta was FUN like no multiplayer FPS game has been in years.

So, yeah…. Good box, it'll be just fine, It beats the next gen consoles so you could even struggle on using this system at lower res for all console games of this generation. Maybe 8 years! But the 600/700 series has been out a looooong time now and even though no games make full use of the Titan the real next gen nvidia cards are just around the corner!

PS. I heard the 900 series plans to have the vram embedded into the GPU and run in unannounced 40x PCIE slots!
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