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March 12th, 2014, 14:15
Proven Lands is a new procedurally generated science-fiction sandbox roguelike game from a studio called thesetales. They are asking for 299,000 to get funded.

Here is the kickstarter link, and the link to the games homepage.

The Game

We've been working on PROVEN LANDS with a super small team for some months now, creating a game in you become an explorer - not just another sandbox item collector. Packed with the real mysteries of physics, biology and chemistry, plus tons of (hopefully) reasonable science-fiction, influenced by Star Trek, Don't Starve, Project Zomboid and Cataclysm.

Starting with a backdrop of endless, procedurally generated terrain, PROVEN LANDS combines 3D, SCIENCE FICTION, SURVIVAL, SANDBOX, ROGUELIKE and RPG elements with an AI-driven GAME MASTER and on top of that: MODDING. The genre is a bit tricky here, we know it, but we are highly influenced by rogue-likes, the game is procedural, and in 3D. But see for yourself.

Keep in mind that the pre alpha tech demo is more a proof of concept, after some months of dev. Eat, drink, chop trees, destroy stones and kill enemies. Enjoy an endless procedural terrain with 30+ chunk types (only desert biome yet). Fight hunger, thirst and diseases,
More information.
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