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March 13th, 2014, 17:25
Originally Posted by Nikus View Post
If I remember correctly, the plot doesn't become any denser in II and III compared to the first one. … But if you do, you're likely to enjoy starting the trilogy from the beginning.
Hmm, still planning on trying out E3, but I'd like to avoid returning back to E1.
During my inital play, I've found a very annoying "bug" with a matchingly annoying workaround - and this (plus the generic setting) killed me the game by then. (I know, Arcanum was buggy as hell too, but the oh so lovely ambiance helped to counter the frustration)

FYI, the "bug" was the extreme randomness of the attack rolls: at the beginning, in the first dungeon, I was either got killed by the bats, OR had flawless victories - almost nothing in between. Must be some error in the calculation of the critical hits and misses…
So I figured out that saving before each round and reloading at will would allow me to win practically all encounters, regardless of my character stats.
Not sure if this was remedied in a patch though (I think there were quite a lot of patches for E1)
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