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March 13th, 2014, 20:44
Lore is one thing. Presentation of lore is another.

I get why it's done this way. Imagine being from some place where no one's ever heard of batman playing a batman game. You'd have to fill the thing up with exposition, explanations and characters - I mean exposition dispensers - that are there simply to tell you more back story.

This is my issue with games that make you - the protagonist - some famous, or powerful thing. Dark Souls goes in the opposite extreme, but I prefer to be shown what's going on through interaction, versus being explained to constantly.

The first austin powers movie spoofed this well with the character Basil Exposition. He was there to explain the plot to the viewers with the popcorn.

Plus, amnesia? Gotta regain your old superpowers? Sigh.
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