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March 14th, 2014, 21:31
I'm also of the opinion that the Witcher's world, lore, and characters are among the best-written ones out there. Sapkowski is many things, but he at least came up with memorable characters and a no-nonsense, very realistic fantasy world. The short stories and novels are very unique fantasy with a slavic flavor. CDProjekt translated those well into their games imo.

I get what you are saying Ovenall, that being Geralt makes it problematic for them to get the player into character and into the plot, but in the long run - I think - it's worth it. Because from a lot of background and a lot of references builds up a more personal experience, despite Geralt not being your own character really. But like in a novel, you identify with him after a while, and you can - unlike in books - make him a little bit your own version of Geralt. It makes it possible for writers to skip generic stuff (because your character is set). That might not be enough for a lot of people, and I appreciate that. But if you are open-minded with that kind of experience, the Witcher games take it to a whole new level.

Also remember, that not only did they have to expose players to the Witcher universe in The Witcher 2, but also to the first game, which is a LOT! But that's the price of a sequel set in a lore-heavy and story-based gameworld. I personally am glad to pay the price any time, but I've always been a sucker for story and character.
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