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March 15th, 2014, 10:39
Triumph Studios has a new development update for Age of Wonders 3 that reveals the next hero class called The Theocrat. They even included a new video.


A radiant sun shines over Triumph Studios today, a perfect moment to reveal the long-expected Theocrat Class with another 19 minute long game play video, once again narrated by Tombles. In this video he finally gets his chance to convert you to Goblindom as he roams the lands with his Goblin Theocrat, spreading the good word, and bringing light to the blighted lands. Watch as his army fearlessly engages the heretic Sorcerer hordes in her own backyard, scaling the walls of her city and showing just how powerful those on the righteous path of the Theocrat can be.

“Theocrats lead the masses by their hearts. They heal, persuade, minister and convert. Their zealots are fiercely loyal, convinced that any action they perform will earn them a greater reward in the afterlife. Because Theocrats tend not to wield many directly offensive powers, it is tempting to believe Theocrats pose no threat. History has proven this to be foolishness. Many earthly kingdoms have fallen under relentless crusades where holy armies of martyrs, evangelists, templar knights, war shrines and angelic beings bring Armageddon to pagan lands.”“Gifted Lords of the Third Age” by Ralinstone Pedant, Chronicler

For more information about the Theocrat Class, check the class page.
More information.
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