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March 16th, 2014, 00:29
Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
How can a turn based game be an action RPG? Isn't the two mutually exclusive?
It's because they copied the idea of Eschalon Book series. You can play it like an action game but yeah most often do this in combats will generate bad decisions. It's very handy for exploration and very pleasant overall.

The JRPG look and feel put me off including the obvious dominant influence of consoles, but after a superficial investigation it seems a good pick, I'll skip the KS because it's not on Mac but I doubt I'll skip its pc release.

Originally Posted by daveyd View Post
I asked Grimm Bros. to clarify how the combat system will work in their comments and here's what they said:

"DFS is turnbased but unlike games like X-Com or Tactics Ogre, the foes take their turns simultaniously so that there is no delay and waiting. It plays similar like Chocobo Dungeon, Shiren. Does that make sense? We can look to put up a gameplay video in the near future so you can see how it plays."
Ha, I believed it was the Eschalon Book approach. I played Shiren but don't remember it was simultaneous turn based, well that was some time ago.

EDIT: So you shot in a direction and it's a miss if the enemy has moved at same turn?
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