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March 17th, 2014, 07:16
Great review, as usual. I always enjoy your recap.

This time however I played and finished the game before your review was released. My E3 time was split between this game, Mars Logs and Banished. My logged game time was 54 hours and I started Feb 28 and finished Mar 14.

One thing you left out was that this game has very good background music. Not quite as good as the superior Divine Divinity soundtrack but E3 is far better than most gaming soundtracks. There is of course no spoken words in this indie game except in one spooky dungeon that will surprise and creep the hell out of you.

One option I wish I would have taken was optimized treasure chest. Supposedly it works where it will give you a so-called almost best treasure. The treasure chest in the game are mostly random but if you reload you can get any where from a piece of bread to a high quality armor piece. The chest types do come in basically three categories (cheap, medium and high) but a few reloads will tell you what you have.

I started out as a simple ranger with food and weapon degradation turned on. With the monsters too tuff in the early start and no money for food and arrows, I soon had to resort to magic and then treasure chest reloads.

I luv game exploits. And sadly for me this game doesn't have that many. There is an early game exploit where a quest giver will continue to give you reward money but it only works immediately after the quest. And another quest where after you return the goodies to the quest giver, they only take one of the goodies and you can come back and sell the rest. But that's it.

I got my moneys worth with this game and there is an expansion forthcoming. It will be interesting to see what this team does next. It would be interesting to see them try a 3rd/1st person RPG.
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