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March 18th, 2014, 18:18
Playing it right now and I surprised myself to find I like it very much.

Yes the combat is flawed and gamey. It actually has a "chess like" quality (with positioning and turn of action mattering above all and very little randomness). I find it entertaining and do not mind the repetitiveness. I guess some variety comes from the ability and some times necessity of recycling and mix and matching your roster.

The real appeal for me is the Story and characters but above all the feel, tone and atmosphere. A much better representation of a grim Nordic saga than other recent attempts.

Also love the CnC and overall resource handling and choice making in your caravan/roster management. This is actually a Choose your own adventure game more than anything else (Not exactly like playing the Lone Wolf books as I did as a kid but close ), and there is definitely space for a game like this in my menu (not to make a habit of it though one ore two are more than enough )…
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