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March 26th, 2014, 18:41
Originally Posted by gandalf.nho View Post
The problem is when said MMO represents the end of SP games in the same setting like happened with Warcraft…
Warcraft was never a SP game.

How do you know we'll never see another one?

Did you notice they've been developing StarCraft 2 and 2 expansions? They tend to do these games in order of franchise.

But they're the same developers = Blizzard.

ESO is not being developed by Howard and his team.

Do you want to take a bet on whether or not we'll see another TES singleplayer game?

I guess Fallout 4 will appear before that, but I hope the MMO don't represent the end of TES as a SP franchise…
To me, it seems completely irrational to expect Skyrim - a singleplayer game that sold more than 10 million copies - to be the last game in that franchise.

Utterly and completely irrational.

But whatever, if being fearful for no reason is what makes people whine about ESO - then it sort of proves my point.




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