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Default Facebook buys oculus for $2 Billion

March 27th, 2014, 15:01
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Well it didn't take long for the kickstarter backers to demand their money back.

Link- http://kotaku.com/oculus-kickstarter…nds-1552041702

I wonder what excuse they will use as I don't see it happening though.
It's not happening. I can sympathize with all those backers.
If I did, and I didn't support Oculus' kickstarted project, I'd be very angy learning that in the end I've donated money to a company I hate and don't want to have anything with - Facebook.

But we actually needed this to happen. Projects of Oculus Rift size shouldn't be crowdfunded. It was obvious from the start it's not yet another cheap USB gadget but is something millions will turn around. It's designed as exactly what google, facebook and alike want - a road everyone, or at least a kind of majority, will have to walk through. And when you own a road, you own an advertisment space.

Such projects, where it's obvious they can't stay independant, should be avoided by "regular" backers on KS. Why would we in the end support big and evil companies?
As you already know, I'm not backing any MMO. Guess why? Yes, exactly because of that. I hate Perfect World Entertainment scam systems. And I would be furious if a game I backed was sold to PWE. Luckily, they're not interested into singleplayer RPGs.

I'm now waiting for GothicGothicness to say how would she feel if a game she supported on KS was in the end sold to EA.
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