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March 28th, 2014, 13:34
GBG, that's not the view on things backers share. They don't see it as a success, but as a capitulation.
Backers didn't back the project just to get Oculus Rift. They've backed the project because they wanted to back a likable small independant company where getting a gadget prototype was just a bonus. They didn't want to give a single cent to Facebook. It was like helping david in the fight against goliath.
Even if they were promised a dozen of Oculus Rift prototypes, they wouldn't give money to Facebook. And all their money is now where? In Facebook.

wolfing, you're not wrong about the whole thing. Once you back the project it's a done deal. There is no contract between you and project owners that would say "we won't sell the company to facebook". The problem is many don't, didn't and can't understand this. Luckily, it happened in reality now which will definetly affect hardware projects as already mentioned by other posters. All those people who backed or symphatize with Oc. Rift backers will not back another hardware project soon.
Why am I saying "luckily"? Because who is stupid enough to donate money to Facebook? Okay, perhaps there is someone who thinks pouring a water into a sea is not stupid.
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