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March 28th, 2014, 21:54
One irony in this story that's developing is that FB took a hit from investors who can't see a connection between them and this device. What benefit does it have to their core product? Zuckerburg just threw away $2 billion of their money.

Speaking of which, it would be great PR to give back the cash from the KS. 2.5m is 1% of what they paid for it. They could do something like pay them back in stock or something like that, so those passionate about the product might not consider divorcing themselves from it and FB.

I understand Oculus made a great impression with this at the CES and is already a much better device than the Sony even in prototype.

This is not Google glass. This isn't a device you walk around town with. I once interviewed with a graphics company and they were developing simulators for military use.

I wouldn't be surprised to see FB sell this off at one point like Google did with Motorola. It might be seen as a great investment scheme if they do so.
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