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April 2nd, 2014, 05:28
Four of my six USB 3.0 rear ports have failed almost all at once (system isn't even quite 2 years old).. I am working with Gigabyte support and then asked me to use my keyboard in the BIOS and in Safe Mode to see if the ports worked. They did not.

Someone who is highly tech savvy suggested that I burn Linux Mint to a DVD and see if the ports work under this OS. As he put it if they fail to work under Linux Gigabyte will have a difficult time denying that ports are anything but dead.

So I have successfully burned Linux Mint to a DVD. Now am I understanding this process correctly?

1. DVD drive needs to be first bootable in BIOS.

2. At start-up Linux Mint should then engage before Windows even has a chance to load.

3. While under Mint see if my keyboard works in the USB ports that are not currently working in either BIOS or Safe Mode.

Correct? One other question. Once I am done using Mint is there a place designated where I can just exit and move on to Windows? Sorry for the noob questions but I am in territory that is new to me.

Never mind. I took the chance and it worked and it actually provided the means to the diagnostics I needed. Going to have to remember Linux for diagnostic needs.
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