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April 3rd, 2014, 13:53
Each character is represented by a figurine of exceptional quality that carries its own characteristics and story
Okay I want them all then.

Pledge $330 or more
JACK OF ALL TRADES PACK - 2 full Companies + additional figurines + beta game
Well excuse me. Isn't that perhaps a bit expensive?
Oh wait, it's only 14 figurines, and in fact there are 17… I want them all with their story!

Pledge $450 or more
SEVENTEEN PACK - 2 full Companies + additional figurines + beta game + deluxe items
For god's sakes.
Are those figurines made of gold perhaps?

Anyway, not only it's too much but it smells like a pay2win scheme. Milking. DLC that is not DLC but is still cut out content sold separately. Anime cards.

With that price and scam strategy I can't possibly back it. Let's see if I'm right that we'll see ebay counterfeit versions with full set of figurines that cost max 20 bucks even before this game gets released.
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