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April 3rd, 2014, 20:22
But let's assume you have 75 millions to invest into a game development no questions asked.
Would you really throw it into developing another diablo clone endless respawn of mobs and chests grinder and expect it to sell at least 10 million copies? Wouldn't it be better if you invested into a pile of facebook cow clicker clones or pay2win phonegames?
I'm not sure any government person would have had any clue what you are talking about. I think Schilling was able to get the deal done just on the strength of being a local sports hero. Pretty sure no one looked at his business plan or if he even had one. He treated his employees liked Gods or so I have heard. Grossly overpayed and coddled them to no end and that's where the money went.

Alrik, I don't think this is a simple case of fraud. They delivered a product that failed.Rhode island failed to do their homework. Just another example why governments should keep as far out of a business's way as possible. I do remember reading that Rhode Island refused to accept any of the bids for the companies assets. never heard what the bids were but perhaps they were unreasonable in their expectations of what they were going to get.
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