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April 4th, 2014, 07:46
I think I'll be glad I backed this one.

Speaking of Mount & Blade, I just saw they have a complete port of Warband available for very select Android devices. It seems a gamepad is required at the moment, but I found a post by one of the devs that made it sound like they were working on touch controls and planned to release it on more tablets. I finally broke down and got a tablet, and I would very much like to play Warband on it.

In other Android news discovered while messing around with my new tablet, I Googled my way across a tweet from Trent Oster just today, saying his guy is currently moving the beta of Baldur's Gate:EE to Google Play.

I would also like to play Baldur's Gate, both of them, on my new tablet. Sorry to derail the thread.
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