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April 4th, 2014, 21:08
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Alrik, I don't think this is a simple case of fraud. They delivered a product that failed.Rhode island failed to do their homework. Just another example why governments should keep as far out of a business's way as possible. I do remember reading that Rhode Island refused to accept any of the bids for the companies assets. never heard what the bids were but perhaps they were unreasonable in their expectations of what they were going to get.
Well, did KoA-R really fail? AFAIK the game was never expected to be a big commerical hit, just a marketing ploy to get Project Copernicus into the spot light. PK did not fail also, it just wasn't completed because the company went under because they ran out of investors.

How do you know so much about Project Copernicus? Care to post your sources?
Steam is out of question. It's not convenient, it's not easy to use, it's not simple and fast. It's terrible.
"Where STEAM fails, the PHOENIX rises"
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