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April 4th, 2014, 22:41
I think there is a delusion that there are easy to do, fun to make, short to develop, single or low staff games to be made. I have played the jankiest indie games that are hyped as novel and creative. There are too many games period, so many that Steam sells them for 99 cents just so people can get hooked by a couple paragraphs and some screenshots to stock up on things they will never do. Most big budget games are hardly worth playing. I will never kickstart anyone, but good luck with your next minecraft.

I went through a computer science program where a quarter to a third of the students actively pursued the dream of being a game programmer. God help us if they succeed, or no one will ever find an indie game worth playing. Computer science sucks in general, computers suck, and making software is the biggest mindf*** you can endeavor in. It is a wonder there are good games at all.
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