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April 5th, 2014, 02:57
Again the best attitude I see from you, Drithius?
What's going on?

Extremes of any kind are bad, a poison can be a cure and vice versa.
Noone should abandon gaming completely (in fact having fun with something*). But noone should play games all day long and do nothing else.

While having fun may be seen as a time waster from CEO point of view, we're not robots and we need it.

* By having fun with something I didn't mean pretending to have fun with a second job online namely cow clickers, okay?
We may talk about gaming today, but in the past having fun with something was called a hobby. This may sound sexist, but males need a hobby. Females can get their portion of fun only with chitchat… We just can't and we need to do something with our hands while we're not working. Otherwise we go loco.
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