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April 5th, 2014, 03:08
Originally Posted by danutz_plusplus View Post

And looking back over all the time I've spent, I can honestly say that only about 10% of those were really worth it. When I say worth it, I mean something that truly makes you think, that truly makes you appreciate the medium, that flips your reality and makes you question stuff in real life.
The problem is is your looking for all this while playing Diablo 3.

On a serious note, If your asking yourself this question then you must feel like your missing out on something because of gaming. So maybe for you gaming is not worth it. Although I would think with a little balance you could enjoy things that "better you " and still find a little time to game.

For me gaming it 100% worth it. I workout, spend time with family and friends, run a successful business, watch sports (go Tigers), watch a few shows regularly and game.

All of that adds up to a pretty fulfilling life for me and I never do one thing to the detriment of another. I balance them all and keep my priorities straight.

Gaming is a relaxing, fun, stress reliever for me (even dark souls ) so it's definitely worth it.

I would think if I only did things that "bettered" my life I'd get burn't out rather quickly.
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