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April 5th, 2014, 08:30
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
All of that adds up to a pretty fulfilling life for me and I never do one thing to the detriment of another. I balance them all and keep my priorities straight.
I know what you're saying, and I also like to believe balance in all things is the way. Problem is, I'm very obsessive about things I do and I tend to go to extremes in everything I do. So when I decide to game I do so to the detriment of other things. That's until I start feeling guilty and then decide to do something else. But then, after a while of doing that, I start thinking back on what else I could be doing with my time.

And gaming is a lot less easier and effortless to do, then say, learning. So, being that I'm sometimes kind of lazy, I instinctively jump at what's easiest. And I just think that if gaming weren't an option for me, I'd stop jumping to it whenever I have some spare time, and maybe even stop jumping from it, to learning, and back to it again. I'm hoping that by taking a firm stand and taking it off the table, I simplify my choice.

And of course, I know it's going to be very hard in the beginning. As is with giving up anything you've been doing most of your life.

EDIT: And I just thought of a perfect time to jump back into gaming. When Witcher 3 launches next year. But then, I'd like to replay Witcher 1 and 2 once more before that. And I'd like to finish all the Witcher novels also, to get the full experience. And then … You see how this goes? I could easily find explanations for myself as to why I really need to game as much as I do. Currently, all in the name of fully experiencing what this game has to offer. And I'm sure that this has a lot to do with me not having enough willpower to just be in control and stop when I need to. But I just think that taking it out of the equation would make things easier for me.
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