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April 5th, 2014, 23:06
Well… you're asking if gaming is 'worth it' on a gaming forum.

Imagine you are a dedicated fisherman, spending 20 hours a week doing nothing but sitting next to a river, drinking beer and eating sandwiches with the occasional fish breaking your concentration.

Now imagine you go onto a fishing forum full of similar fisherman and make the sudden claim "I'm done with fishing, I want to do something with my life".

What kind of response do you want?

You've just finished playing a grinding based aRPG, one of the most notorious forms of burn-out gaming it's possible to play. And now you're burned out.

Some of the best RPGs are extremely long and involving games, that's what often sets them apart from other forms of games, they are very rarely designed purely with the 'light' gamer in mind and, if they are, they are often quickly derided.

My suggestion is to take some time to experience some 'lighter' games which don't require you become addicted to them for an extended period of time in order to put a bit of gaming-perspective back into your life.

In terms of RPGs, one of the best loved 'lighter' RPGs is King's Bounty: The Legend:

There are many flash games which offer a slice of nice, such as Plunder Mars:

And there are always hidden object games that often only last a few hours but offer a strangely relaxing and comforting feeling to gaming:
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