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April 6th, 2014, 04:59
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
What is wrong with the controls ? I still like them. The only thing which could be better is the combat, but I love how there is so much else to do in the game, aside from combat!
+1 !

To be fair I would add the inventory, which was a mess and remained so with the latest games in the series. Anyway, nothing with those annoyance could detract me from enjoying what remains IMHO the best CRPG series ever released to this day. I'm not surprised by the reaction of the new players discovering the game though. How could they be in the same state of mind as we were back then ?! Coming from the text based games and getting your hands on something like U7 was like growing up and discovering life with the eyes of an adult ; everything was new and so different ! Nowadays the younger are already so used to everything much more advanced, graphically and ergonomically. Such games are too slow paced, require too much personal involvement, to attract a modern player. Sure there are exceptions but the majority are immune to the charm and that's how it must be. We're aging, even though our memories remain vibrant.
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