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April 7th, 2014, 11:51
This is as subjective as you can get, but it's an interesting question.

I'd say 95% of my life hasn't been "worth it" - because in the vast majority of cases, there's always been something that would have been a better use of my time.

Now, if you think an ideal life is one spent doing the things that will be best for yourself and for others - which I think makes good sense, then the first thing you have to accept is that such a life is impossible to achieve.

The next best thing, of course, is one where you've simply done your best at the time - in all those cases where you've had a choice. Now, I hardly ever do my best at any point in time - and I don't see myself accomplishing such an approach on life.

So, what can I do to make life bearable? Well, one thing I've learned about human beings is that we're extremely flawed. As in, I think we're pretty much a joke overall.

Another thing I believe about myself is that I don't have a responsibility to make the world better. I don't understand people who believe that. Well, except if they're religious.

But I do think the world would be better if we all contributed in one way or another - and we did whatever we could manage not to make it worse. That's a constant challenge and I don't think a life that's 100% about other people can be a long and fruitful life - because you have to enjoy helping other people. You can't do it out of a sense of duty, or your life will end up being rather miserable, and you'll likely crack eventually under the pressure.

So, if you can find a position or job in life where you're actually enjoying yourself at the same time as you're doing something truly helpful to others, I would consider that a very, very fortunate way of living.

I'm definitely not there yet, but I'm trying to position myself in such a way that I might end up making an actual contribution that I can be happy about.

Oh, I do small things here and there to help and to support - but I do know, deep inside, that it's a joke in the grand scheme of thing.

But I'm one of those people who're quite capable of realising my own weaknesses and flaws without inventing excuses about why I am that way. I just accept it.

As for gaming, it's simply one way of passing the time. There's really nothing about it that makes it objectively better or more satisfying than any other way of merely passing the time.

For me, it was incidental - and more or less completely because of the influence of my older brother. I got into gaming because of him - and it's simply what turns me on when it comes to spending time where I don't see anything better to do.

Worth it? Hardly. But it's still entertaining and I tend to enjoy it a lot.




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