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April 7th, 2014, 16:20
Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
You've just finished playing a grinding based aRPG…
Oops. I didn't in fact notice this!
Now I understand the thread.

And the solution is always to go for quality over quantity.
Abandon gaming and instead go watch study movies. If you will watch only action B movies, sooner or later you'll ask yourself why are you wasting your time on that.

We all need to socialize. Apart from some animals among us…
Assuming you and your friend play the same game, try to imagine your talk about the grinder you're playing. Now switch to a possibility you're both playing an epic game and go for a coffee. Just for the sakes of an example, imagine you're playing Fallout2 and just learn your friend also plays it but with completely different stats. Will that one coffee be enough to share the experience?
I mentioned movies. Make a review on some recent Steven Seagall movie. Oh, you made one sentence on it? Whatta surprise. On the other hand, how about arguing over the suitcase content in Pulp Fiction? We may write a book on that and still never really know what was inside.

And if anything you can see on this site, that's recommendations on quality games. Try one of those please. Not only you won't feel like wasting time, but you will have enough time and energy for "learning new stuff, and developing as a software developer".
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