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April 9th, 2014, 16:40
Wasn't it David Bowie who sang about the spiders from Mazda?

At least it turns out that there is some concern about Mazdas and spiders, specifically spiders of the Cheiracanthium genus, aka yellow sac spiders. Said spiders are, according to Wikipedia, attracted to the smell of gasoline. And for some reason Mazda is their favourite brand of cars (not mine, I prefer Suzukis and Toyotas).

The spiders are said to be mildly venomous (causing necrosis), but that's not what troubles Mazda. The spider builds their webs in the engines. Which of course is extremely yeeechy if you for some reason need to take a look at what's inside your vehicle. Curiously this is not what troubles Mazda either. The danger is that the web may cause a blockage and build-up of pressure, which can (theoretically) lead to fires. So cars are recalled for a software upgrade.

I have to say, that if I were a Mazda owner, I would be worried. Admittedly the spider's web is about the strongest substance there is, but a spider can only produce so much of it. Still it's enough to stop a ton of japanese hardware. Yes, I would be worried.

More details which pibbur didn't bother to check can be found here: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-26921734.

pibbur who (like Drithius, obviously) knows Bowie really sang about spiders from Mars. Not Mazdas. But spiders are yeeeecccchy no matter where they come from.
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