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April 13th, 2014, 20:26
Crusaders - and therefore Paladins - don't exist in Aventuria as far as I know. The "Mysterium of Kha" forbids direct interference in Aventurian matters by the Godsthemselves. Therefore people won't directly be chosen by the Gods … with a few exceptions. Bearers of "signs" of the Nameless God, foir example, or Gods acting in secrecy. Like sending visions, talking to people via dreams, during prayers … Priests are like cars set on a certain course - but what they (the Priests) do with it, that's uncertain. Some might even fall over to the side of demons.

The Paladin, as I understood this class from (A)D&D, is so to say "a fighting priest".

The closest thing to an Paladin in TDE the consecrated one of the Goddess Rondra, for example. In TDE, the term "Priest" is usually not used, only the term "consecrated one" or "holy one" is used. This comes from the fact that people become "consecrated" by the Gods themselves, via holy artifacts, and therefore these people kind of "belong" to the Gods they were consecrated by. I hope I could put it into English language what I mean, but I'm not sure.

Conserated Ones usually are NOT warriors.
The ONLY equivalent of "warrior-priests" are the Conseracted Ones for Rondra, the Golgarites for Boron, and the Praios people you can find in Drakensang 1 in that huge forest … I've forgotten their names … Because they can fight as well.

The biggest reasoin, however, why "Paladins" don't exist in TDE is that they just cannot use any kind of magic. They just don't, because they have no astral energy available (I think that the Hesinde church might allow magicians, but I'm not sure about that. For Praios, however, who does not like magic much, magicians who want to become consecrated ones for Praios, their astral energy gets "burned out", as I read once. Because Praios does not like Magic.

All their special abilities come from "karma energy", something that is given to them by the specific Gods themselves … And that's not easily replenished …

Plus, there are no Alignments in TDE as well.

All in all it's difficult to explain for me. It's a bit as if I wanted to play a Jester class in (A)D&D. It does exist in TDE …

One German-language discussion about this matter : http://www.dsa4forum.de/viewtopic.php?p=1116949

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Its a paradox that "paladin" appears in Demonicon which takes place in Shadowlands, full of demons, doom and darkness. But it may be also english translation issue.
I guess so …
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