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April 13th, 2014, 22:22
Jester in D&D ? Easy in 3.5 - a Human Rogue/Bard/Swashbuckler with the Feytouched Feat

In AD&D you probably would have to play a Gnome Buffoon (It's a Gnome Thief/Mage Kit).

Thats the nice thing of D&D - in some obscure Source-Book you usually find everything

I read your link and I'm a little bit happy to have guessed the most paladin-like Classes - Bannstrahler (called praiot in DraSa 1 AFAIK), Ravenknight and Rondrian Priest (yeah, sure, they are called something like blessed, choosen or whatever…) - and I haven't played TDE for 20 years… but I still read some novels and loved every single one that featured the Raven-Knights

Edit: That is, if you mean a "Narr"; if you mean a "Gaukler", it's even easier - it's a Rogue with high acrobatic and social skills that (usually) doesen't steal (there is a "Feat-Rogue" in unearthed arcana that can't even backstab…)

Still another Edit: I guess the number of Smilies per posts is a Indicator how many beers I've drunk before posting…
Half drunk is wasted money.
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