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April 16th, 2014, 12:13
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I am assuming he is talking about his current hatred of DLC that he rants about every time a new game is released or any number of DLC-laden games comes up …
Yup. I'm disgusted with the trend of charging enormous cash for something that is not a classic expansion. Sometimes you have to pay for a bullshit content more than the game itself (check Sims as an example, some stuff packs, a few items in fact, tend to cost more than the game - and the plague spread to RPGs too).

Still on a game that didn't go that way - Risen.
Unlike before when I played it properly, now I'm enjoying script exploits a lot. I remembered some NPCs are not killable while story critical so I lure tough mobs to them. I know I'll be able to kill those myself later, but still… Since Risen is no-endless-respawns gem, one mapspot less to clear lategame.
And I can't explain how good it feels waling through those woods in Risen where you removed all hostiles and now are seeing just a peaceful nature with butterflies and whatnot. I dare to say it's more beautiful than heavily modded Skyrim.
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