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April 20th, 2014, 12:49
Windows XP Born: 10/25/2001 Died: 04/08/2014 Windows XP, son of Windows NT4 and Windows ME, has died this morning after a long battle with multiple viral infections. Windows XP was born in Redmond, WA in October of 2001 as the middle child of 3. At an early age, XP (as he liked to be called) showed great strength and promise as the most gifted of the Windows family. XP looked up to his older sister, Windows 2000, who taught him the ways of the operating system. When his younger brother with development disabilities was born, Windows Vista, he was always willing to bear the load to help keep the family together. Though never married, XP would later adopt a child, Windows 7, to carry on the proud family traditions and preserve the Windows family legacy. XP served as family patriarch when the Windows family settled their long feud with the Macintosh family. In his later years, XP began to suffer from long term health complications to internet exposure. Born without ASLR or DEP (though which doctors were eventually to implant), XP was unable to fight off the multiple viral infections which would later claim its life. XP is survived by his son, Windows 7, and his grandsons Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
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