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April 22nd, 2014, 03:51
I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but I'll say it again: SWTOR has a great F2P system. The reason? The Cartel Market.

Somebody said earlier that you could only buy weekly PVP passes with cash, but that's not true. Other players get extra stuff like this when they buy item packs, so they sell them on the Cartel market for credits. Same with Operations (end-game PVE) weekly passes. As already mentioned, it's pretty easy to earn credits at end-game through the daily missions, so I really don't feel very limited in what I can do by buying these passes with credits.

The best part is that you can get most of the character unlocks this way as well, and many of them are available as account-wide unlocks that apply to all your characters (at a more expensive price, of course).

You name it, it's available for purchase on the Cartel Market with credits: Extra crew skill, extra inventory space, extra cargo space, etc; and all of them available on an account-wide basis. I spent about $10 up front to go premium and get all 3 crew skills and an extra hotbar, and after that I got into the habit of looking for deals on account-wide unlocks on the Cartel Market. It's great because I pretty much have all the unlocks I need now (including a Rattataki race unlock for my new Imp character), and feel like I own the game rather than rent it. I stepped away a few months ago to play some other games, and I like that I didn't have to worry about stopping billing, and can step back in anytime and pick up where I left off.

SWTOR has made me a big fan of F2P, but only if it's done right like this…
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