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April 23rd, 2014, 05:33
Time really flies!

And now there are only 7 days left until Small Chronicles is out! If you feel like you can't wait until then, here's what you need to know before April 29th!

Unlocking the game

Remember that moment when you finally reached your goal after working so hard? Canít wait to reap the rewards? Thatís why Small Chronicles is designed to be filled with tons of unlock-able stuff!

From characters, fields and stages to increasing your inventory space, youíll have to put in effort to unlock them. Whatís even more awesome is that you canít even spend money to get them! Youíll need to play the game to do so!

Crafting the game

Small Chronicles Chapter 1 itself took around 15 months of development. Luckily, the musical talent of Duncan and voice-acting awesomeness of Masaaki and Yue was enlisted to the game. Otherwise, it could end up taking longer to complete.

During the whole 15 months, the visuals and gameplay mechanics constantly changed and evolved to what you have lately seen.

When development first began, the game only had simple sprites and stock-like background images. Gameplay mechanics such as traps and treasure chests were pretty much non-existent back then.

After receiving awesome feedback from the game testers, the in-game visuals was overhauled entirely.

On top of that, adding player vs player matches was critical to improving the gameís lifespan.

So when and how do I get the game?

Many considerations have been taken to decide what Small Chronicles Chapter 1 will be priced at. To allow most people to try the game without any restrictions or barriers, Small Chronicles will be available for download at no charge!

To do so, turn on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, visit the iOS App Store on this coming April 29th and search for Small Chronicles!
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